Welcome to the Cuesports Foundation Limited Website

Cuesports Foundation Limited was formed with the aim of operating Gaming Machines in order to support various competitions and developmental programs around New Zealand.

As is the case in many things, overtime it became apparent that while Cuesports was indeed developing players and upcoming talent, we were also able to provide assistance in other areas of the community.

You will also find a detailed breakdown of our Authorised Purpose. This is the document that outlines what we will, and will not consider for grants. Please read this before you start the funding application process.

Overall we hope that you find this website informative and useful. 

Cuesports Foundation Limited is in the process of winding down, there is very limited funding available to distribute.  If you would still like to apply, please complete/download an application form here.

If you would like to apply for funding through The Pegasus Sports Foundation, please download/complete an application form found at this link www.pegasussportsfoundation.co.nz